So long Seoul, Hello America

        My sister came to Korea! We celebrated my last days in Kimchi-land with food, metro rides, and my final dance performance. Korea it has been a great 2.5 years. I hope to come back again. Thank you to my best little sister for coming out with barely any luggage and letting me…

Red and Pink Cupcakes

Another Swing Dance Performance with the biggest crowd to date! It was an all day event rehearsing and finding our places on the outdoor stage. It was another great day. Kinda loved the pink and red together I’m a total cupcake.

Membership Training

It is that time again, Membership Training! This time we went to the beach, I wish I could post the awesome video of all the dancers on the beach. Of course at the end of the day we come back to our bunker and make snacks. One of my favorite Korean snacks a pancake filled…

Soju Rock and Roll

  My second and third dance performances. What do we do after wearing petticoats and globs of makeup for 5 hours? You celebrate with Korean BBQ or Anju and Beers. Thanks you to my awesome partners Tiger and June you always make it fun to bust a move.  

My First Swing Dance Performance!

      I started learning how to Swing Dance in a few months ago. Today was my first performance. I’m not a terribly good dancer but it was so much fun. Also got posted on a Korean New website. I will have to translate what the headline says.