Capitol Grille

I love going out to eat and this trip to Capitol Grille was no exception. We caught the bus downtown to avoid the hassle of finding parking. People always tell me how Pittsburgh is very different from it used to be five to ten years ago. Even as a new comer I can see how there has been a push to make the Pittsburgh Downtown area a nice place to visit and enjoy. I’ve gone to a couple of places already including Seviche, Meat and Potatoes and¬†Emporio the meatball place. The first and the latter which have great outdoor seating option when it gets warmer so I’m looking forward to warmer days. ūüôā W actually organized reservations for us during Restaurant Week, I forgot it was happening. I think restaurant weeks are a great way to try new¬†places you might not otherwise checkout.

W and S got hamburgers and the chef and myself got the salmon, we shared a bottle of wine and I think we all had the wedge salads as our starters. I think it was that or calm chowder…

I was a little disappointed with my entr√©e choice at Capitol Grille but the desserts made up for it. We went during restaurant week actually for lunch so that might have been why the quality wasn’t as great. I love my veggies but my salmon and veggies were covered in the same sauce which was tasty but the lack of variety in the texture and composition of the plate left something to be desired. Food is only part of the dining experience most of it has to do with the company you share the meal with so in the end it was a great lunch out. Besides we all know I’m a sucker for desserts (who can be down after cheesecake and a brownie?).

Looking forward to Pittsburgh’s next restaurant week¬†I’ll be more prepared with the camera.

Does your city do Restaurant Week?


Phipps Conservatory

Spring I’m ready for you. ūüôā

I still have a running bucket list of things to checkout in Pittsburgh, but I’m happy to say I have checked Phipps Conservatory off my check list. W and I went there just before the holidays and I’m just now posting about it. The holidays were crazy and I forgot what life is like with finals. I survived and now I’m on spring break from spring classes, hello more free time for a whole week! I also just realized Phipps is having a flower show starting next week, March 12, 2016 so I wanted to post these before hand in case I get a chance to go again. I am really looking forward to warming weather and flowers make me smile. I’ve been wanting to start an herb garden but I don’t think I have much of a green thumb, but they say container gardening is easier to start with so maybe I’ll try that.


Are you looking forward to spring as much as I am?

EuroTrip: London, Lisbon, Porto

I had such an amazing time visiting my really bestie¬†in London back in October. It took me ages to finally post, did I mention I’m a grad student and working full-time?

My most favorite part of the trip was the city of Porto, Portugal. It is a beautiful place and not quite as tourist ridden as Lisbon. We were there for the induction of freshman college students the walking tour guide called them “Harry Potters” because of the upperclassmen attire. We also went to the bookstore that has claimed to be inspiration for the Harry Potter moving staircase. (I’m not even a big Potter fan but it was cool.)¬†I did my first walking tour which was both fun, informative and a great way to work off the cookies and ice cream I ate.¬†Unfortunately the weather was kinds of sour for part of our time in Lisbon but we made due. Portugal is famous for bacalhau and port wine. Of course we had both tasting. I didn’t hate the port wine but Cay didn’t love it. Although, we found a meat, cheese and wine shop in Porto and that wine got a better review than the tasting port. We went to a hole in the wall shop for the bacalhau but I don’t know, it didn’t suit me.

I’ve been to London before but we¬†went to¬†Hyde Park and Borough Market, there was so much food and I got nostalgic for farmers market. I definitely got a cookie but there was some indian stands I want to try on my next venture. The weather was freezing to me but we had a great time catching up and went to Mammoth Coffee which Cay loved. There was a chocolate shop next door which I can’t remember the name but next time I’m going to snag some of that and mix it with my Mammoth.

I can’t say I recommend doing three cities in a week but doing it with Cay who is so organized and on top of it made it doable. Thinking of my next trip already. ūüôā

Dinner En Blanc

Dinner En Blanc has been on my bucket list for about a year. I saw someone post about it a while back, so tried googling it of course. Then I realized in the most popular places you have to invited. I’m guessing tickets move fast. This Dinner En Blanc was a first time experience for Pittsburgh. When my friend P invited me, I basically said yes without really knowing the details.


If you don’t really know what Dinner En Blanc, or the basic rundown. For Pittsburgh about a thousand people meet in a public place to have dinner. The location is not revealed until the day of the event. You must dress in all white and bring your own table set up. Then you dine together with loads of other people who also thought it would be cool to participate in the flashmob dinner experience.


I didn’t realize how much effort it would take to pull the whole thing off. I’m in grad school now so I didn’t want to break the bank to get the supplies either. P took care of most things, table and chairs, glasses and linens and I did the food and wine and plating. Whole Foods was the saving grace, it really plated well. ¬†I brought brownies but we didn’t make it dessert round.


Honestly, the biggest challenge was finding a white dress after Labor Day and only one weekend to hunt around. I know P had some trouble with his pants! Luckily I found this great dress, that I can wear again from Anthropologie.

Dinner was served with a napkin wave and the party started after setting off the sparklers. My sister did Facetime with me during the sparklers so that was nice she got to see. There was a violinist playing live music during dinner and a DJ after. It was a pretty nice time. ¬†If I get a chance to go again, I’m going to go all out and hopefully bring a couple more friends.


Eating in Steel City

I’m in a new city. ¬†Sure I could visit famous bridges or go to a museum but my favorite way to see a new city is through my stomach. Actually, the first few places I went out to eat in Pittsburgh left much to be desired. I won’t mention them here but boy do I have a story about a sad, sad, sad, attempt at a crepe, it was was not fluffy or light… ¬†ūüė¶

However, for my birthday my friend W took me to brunch to prove there are good places to get grub¬†here in the land of bridges. So we went to Waffles INCaffeinated¬†for brunch. It was such a good choice. After, I decided I should start a places to repeat eat list. I had the Southwestern Waffle with a fried egg. I had them hold some of the jalape√Īos so it was just the right amount of spice to get your breakfast lunch going.

IMG_5246 IMG_5248 IMG_5249 IMG_5250

We also went over to the Frick we walked the grounds and through the greenhouse before having lunch. The greenhouse is much smaller than expected and slightly disappointing but lunch was not! Special thanks to Chef Trevor at The Caf√© at the Frick for preparing lunch for us. I got the lamb burger and W got a fried chicken sandwich which wasn’t on the menu. I wish the bun was bigger to hold all that juicy lamb in. It was messy to eat but still quite good. I should have snapped a shot of the chicken sandwich, but all I got was a bite. It was pretty tasty, and oh so crunchy. We ended with dessert a lavender cr√®me br√Ľl√©e. You could really taste the lavender but it wasn’t overwhelming. I love that first bite when you hear the sugar crack. I need a new word for yum.

IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5327

This past Saturday we went to¬†Pamela’s Diner in Shadyside. Yes to the hotcakes! Banana Chocolate Chip. Seriously, generous with the filing. I didn’t realize these hotcakes were going to take up a whole plate alone. Confession, I am regretful I ordered a side of eggs and bacon. It was far to much for one person to eat. Also the rumors are true, this place is the place to go if you partied to hard the previous night.

IMG_5350 IMG_5351

Don’t fret there is more good eats to come from Steel City, I’m feeling pretty confident about that now. I think I should go on a dessert eating spree. I might even bring along my proper camera to better capture the goodness. If you know of any other places I must add to my list let me know.