Eating Vista Sol

Our resort Vista Sol included meals. We were a little skeptical since W is a not an adventure eater. Vista Sol has a couple options for dining. They have a main buffet and a “sports bar” dining option that is basically available most of the day. They also offer three service restaurants. For these you must make a reservation with the dedicated receptionist during her specific office hours. It wasn’t hard to make reservations but since our trip was so short we didn’t have as much flexibility. We only had an opportunity to dine at two of the three options, Mexican and Gourmet (the third was Italian). From what I understood guests are allotted  three reservations per booked room regardless of length of stay.

IMG_7372The DR-40The DR-47

The all day buffet option and sports bar were not highlights to the trip but there were options. I found myself next to the waffle machine nearly every morning and anytime is a good time for freshly made hot off the press churros. Personally the Mexican service restaurant was my favorite; there was a nice guacamole with shrimp appetizer and the chicken with the red sauce was delicious. W preferred the Gourmet restaurant with the steak option.

20160626_07341220160626_073408The DR-45The DR-135.jpgThe DR-51

Have you done an all inclusive resort? Was food a highlight of the trip?