Primanti Bros.

I’ve been in Pittsburgh for months and only recently made the move to try the Almost Famous Sandwiches from the Primanti Bros. (we don’t pronounce that “t”). We went to the Primanti Bros in the Strip District. The atmosphere was very laid back and they served everything on wax paper and foil which I wasn’t expecting but it made it very fuss free.

The Almost Famous Sandwiches comes topped with coleslaw, tomato and fries. I went for the Ragin‘ Cajun Chicken Breast which was well seasoned. The bread was super soft so I was pleased my sandwich didn’t look like someone stuck their finger in it during assembly! (win)  However, I’d pass on the coleslaw it was a bit too sour for my taste. I think spicy kimchi would have been a nice substitute for the slaw. I also ordered a side of fried but I clearly over did it.

I’d go back to the Primanti Bros. but maybe a different location to see if there are different vibes. (I went to three different Pamela’s locations and each one was a little different…my favorite is the Squirrel Hill location)

I’m curious to try the Pitts-Burger and Cheese hold the side of fries…yum burgers.