Butcher and the Rye

W and I went to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra last week to see the performance of Remixed version of Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. I haven’t seen the ballet before so I didn’t really know what to expect. The conductor, Steve Hackman, did give an overview of the ballet and what were going to experience. This performance was different however in that there was a vocalist, rapper and hip-hop inspired beats and lyrics overlapping the classical orchestra. For me, I think there was so much happening that I left the show with conflicting emotions and a week later can’t resolve whether or not I actually enjoyed the performance.

Before we went to the performance we of course had to nourish our souls. We planned on going to täkō but the wait was very long. I don’t think we expected that since it was a Wednesday night. So we decided to try Butcher and the Rye which was right next door.

We sat at the bar upstairs which of course is because we didn’t make reservations, but they have some space downstairs with open air seating, perfect for people watching. Giuseppe our fearless bartender was great; making some recommendations and answering all of our questions.  I ended up ordering the Nauti Mule which I would recommend if you love ginger as I do. Besides, I’m a sucker for those copper mugs. W got the H Word which neither of us really liked but it was hard to turn down a drink that comes a blaze. W got a burger

which I think was a special for that day. It came with a really nice sauce kinda that reminded me of wasabi. I dined on the Beef Tongue Ravioli. I never had beef tongue but it was pretty surprised at how smooth it was inside the ravioli which was perfectly. I thought the two types of sauces were a little much I ended up scraping much off it off to get to the part I wanted to really taste (the beef tongue). Each sauce was good individually though so I can’t complain. They do have a pot de creme on the menu that I’d like to go back for and try. I love dessert and W’s favorite place to get pot de creme is at Meat and Potatoes so obviously we should do a taste test to compare.

Thinking back to that ginger cream from Hammond’s