Capitol Grille

I love going out to eat and this trip to Capitol Grille was no exception. We caught the bus downtown to avoid the hassle of finding parking. People always tell me how Pittsburgh is very different from it used to be five to ten years ago. Even as a new comer I can see how there has been a push to make the Pittsburgh Downtown area a nice place to visit and enjoy. I’ve gone to a couple of places already including Seviche, Meat and Potatoes and Emporio the meatball place. The first and the latter which have great outdoor seating option when it gets warmer so I’m looking forward to warmer days. 🙂 W actually organized reservations for us during Restaurant Week, I forgot it was happening. I think restaurant weeks are a great way to try new places you might not otherwise checkout.

W and S got hamburgers and the chef and myself got the salmon, we shared a bottle of wine and I think we all had the wedge salads as our starters. I think it was that or calm chowder…

I was a little disappointed with my entrée choice at Capitol Grille but the desserts made up for it. We went during restaurant week actually for lunch so that might have been why the quality wasn’t as great. I love my veggies but my salmon and veggies were covered in the same sauce which was tasty but the lack of variety in the texture and composition of the plate left something to be desired. Food is only part of the dining experience most of it has to do with the company you share the meal with so in the end it was a great lunch out. Besides we all know I’m a sucker for desserts (who can be down after cheesecake and a brownie?).

Looking forward to Pittsburgh’s next restaurant week I’ll be more prepared with the camera.

Does your city do Restaurant Week?