EuroTrip: London, Lisbon, Porto

I had such an amazing time visiting my really bestie in London back in October. It took me ages to finally post, did I mention I’m a grad student and working full-time?

My most favorite part of the trip was the city of Porto, Portugal. It is a beautiful place and not quite as tourist ridden as Lisbon. We were there for the induction of freshman college students the walking tour guide called them “Harry Potters” because of the upperclassmen attire. We also went to the bookstore that has claimed to be inspiration for the Harry Potter moving staircase. (I’m not even a big Potter fan but it was cool.) I did my first walking tour which was both fun, informative and a great way to work off the cookies and ice cream I ate. Unfortunately the weather was kinds of sour for part of our time in Lisbon but we made due. Portugal is famous for bacalhau and port wine. Of course we had both tasting. I didn’t hate the port wine but Cay didn’t love it. Although, we found a meat, cheese and wine shop in Porto and that wine got a better review than the tasting port. We went to a hole in the wall shop for the bacalhau but I don’t know, it didn’t suit me.

I’ve been to London before but we went to Hyde Park and Borough Market, there was so much food and I got nostalgic for farmers market. I definitely got a cookie but there was some indian stands I want to try on my next venture. The weather was freezing to me but we had a great time catching up and went to Mammoth Coffee which Cay loved. There was a chocolate shop next door which I can’t remember the name but next time I’m going to snag some of that and mix it with my Mammoth.

I can’t say I recommend doing three cities in a week but doing it with Cay who is so organized and on top of it made it doable. Thinking of my next trip already. 🙂