Dinner En Blanc

Dinner En Blanc has been on my bucket list for about a year. I saw someone post about it a while back, so tried googling it of course. Then I realized in the most popular places you have to invited. I’m guessing tickets move fast. This Dinner En Blanc was a first time experience for Pittsburgh. When my friend P invited me, I basically said yes without really knowing the details.


If you don’t really know what Dinner En Blanc, or the basic rundown. For Pittsburgh about a thousand people meet in a public place to have dinner. The location is not revealed until the day of the event. You must dress in all white and bring your own table set up. Then you dine together with loads of other people who also thought it would be cool to participate in the flashmob dinner experience.


I didn’t realize how much effort it would take to pull the whole thing off. I’m in grad school now so I didn’t want to break the bank to get the supplies either. P took care of most things, table and chairs, glasses and linens and I did the food and wine and plating. Whole Foods was the saving grace, it really plated well.  I brought brownies but we didn’t make it dessert round.


Honestly, the biggest challenge was finding a white dress after Labor Day and only one weekend to hunt around. I know P had some trouble with his pants! Luckily I found this great dress, that I can wear again from Anthropologie.

Dinner was served with a napkin wave and the party started after setting off the sparklers. My sister did Facetime with me during the sparklers so that was nice she got to see. There was a violinist playing live music during dinner and a DJ after. It was a pretty nice time.  If I get a chance to go again, I’m going to go all out and hopefully bring a couple more friends.