Easy Delicious Banana Bread

You know how sometimes they say a recipe is simple but then you read all these random ingredients you need and you think to yourself this isn’t really that simple. Or it is super simple but doesn’t actually taste amazing? This isn’t one of those recipes. I have made this recipe twice. Both times it got rave reviews. First time I made it because we had some sad bananas at work they everyone felt bad about tossing so I volunteered to make banana bread. It was a win. The second time well, I suddenly developed a craving for banana bread. You see where this is going don’t you?

IMG_2781 IMG_2786

My Changes:

I baked it in a regular baking pan not a loaf pan so the cook time was shorter and I had more edges of yummy goodness. Also I did add extra cinnamon, a bit a nutmeg and some ginger just to overload the eater with spices. For next time I’d like to add some chopped pecans. Or possibly put them in muffin tins for easier distribution.

  IMG_2795 IMG_2788

Give it a try, full recipe here. 🙂