Taste of Hillcrest

Last minute I got an invite to attend Taste of Hillcrest. I didn’t realize it was going on this weekend, so I was happy for the last minute invite. I don’t know if they do this in other cities but basically you buy a ticket (about $35) they give you a tally card and you use that to go into the restaurants that are participating in the taste. This time there were 30 plus locations participating. You have 4 hours to get to each location and they will give you a taste of something at their restaurant. It is like eating tapas for 4 hours but foods ranged from hot wings, tacos, sushi, to margaritas. The jackfruit taco was pretty good, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten jackfruit before this.

IMG_2816 IMG_2818

I admit I wasn’t being that great of a photographer some of the best foods I ate I didn’t even take photos of #fatnessfirst. Shout out to Tandoori Hut both the chicken curry and vegetarian curry were delicious.  Also the pulled pork sandwich at Local Habit was good. A couple of my friends had the veggie option and also agreed it was pretty amazing.

 IMG_2832 IMG_2827

If you are ever around San Diego for a Taste of Hillcrest or (Taste of North Park, Taste of Adams Ave, Taste of Gaslamp you get the idea) you should check it out. Bring a couple friends even if they don’t have tickets, because there is no way you’ll actually eat everything offered. Sharing is caring. When you are all done go back to you favorite place and have a bit more to eat and drinks. Believe me after walking for 4 hours and stuffing your face you will want to rest with a cocktail and eat more.

IMG_2837 IMG_2843

IMG_2846 IMG_2802

If you want a full list of everything you missed and to plan for the next one go here. 🙂