Bacon, Egg, and Avocado on Toast

So today, a coworker pulls out an avocado, toast, a bag of strawberries and two boiled eggs. This is his lunch. Clearly he rummaged through his fridge and grabbed what he could. However, you think to yourself what a great lunch idea, all it needs is bacon. This open face “sandwich” has everything you ever wanted in a BLT and then some.


Tip: Bake the bacon in the oven with some garlic. Add the garlic to the avocado mash with a little lemon, chopped tomatoes, and some onion. Everything else just shove in a lunch box and assemble at work.  (Instead of bacon some smoked salmon would also be amazing sans egg.)



Warning this toast is a great excuse to have some personal time alone at lunch. Because you’ll look like a toddler shoving avocado in your face. If you are shy this should be eaten facing a wall. If you are brave or just like scaring people with an avocado face then eat near a window for the world to see. Enjoy.