Stir Fry #Lunch

It is a long day. Work ended at 4:30 but after running errands and riding the bus you didn’t start cooking until nearly 7:00pm. You told yourself and Pinterest you were going to make that meal. Does it matter that you don’t have all the ingredients? No. We are going to make it work, aren’t we.

You took on the challenge to make better lunches. You feel like this was a great first attempt that you’ve made in a long while. Stir Fry is very simple just some frozen veggies with sauces on top of rice. Any thing is better than that chicken salad sandwich you keep buying from the deli next to your job.

Then what did you do? Just frozen. No. You spiced it up adding freshly chopped garlic, grilled up the mushrooms, and went wok-tastic on the chicken. To top it off and give it that restaurant flair you added some sesame seeds. Note to self, next time toast the seeds and pretend your Emeril. BAM!

IMG_2618 IMG_2620