This isn’t Takeout

IMG_4265Lunch is usually the biggest meal you eat during the workday. Remember the last time you lived in San Diego back in 2010. You were the self-proclaimed princess of packed lunch. You had this great IKEA lunch box that had two levels. Perfect for food presentation. It is gone now; don’t know that they still make it.   Since being spoiled in Korea where lunch (delicious or not) was provided everyday with leftovers if you were quick. You have struggled to get back on the packed lunch wagon. Over the weekend though, you gave it a try. Yes to the penne pasta. Yes added spinach, peas, mushrooms, chicken and lots of garlic. High five to elevation it from just pasta and sauce to make your-coworkers-ask-is-that-takeout?

Then it got better.  One of your favorite blogs had this post from The Everygirl. You ready to pin some spruce up your lunch ideas. Next week lets see how you mix it up with some fresh bowls.