Reverse Culture Shock

Last year was a year of transition. You had a plan after coming back from nearly three years of teaching in Korea. But when you came back, well you just couldn’t adjust. You had brain freezes when you went to subway. You still jumped into elevators. You even gave some death stares to any grandma that hinted at going before you on the bus.

Those big plans about moving to DC for the fellowship. Out of the window. You spent the next couple months half -regretting that decision and half-struggling to figure out the new plan. As with most decisions in your life; on a whim you decided to go back to a place you used to love, San Diego.

Changing location wasn’t enough to get you inspired. However, you were confident in self rediscovery. Sure, you’re a loner. Generally, you keep to yourself,  You like your own way and you are very particular. None of these attributes are terrible within themselves. However, for the life you  wanted to live some of these qualities were hurting you more than helping.

However, this year is going to be a rebirth of a battle you face on a regular basis; fear. You’re afraid of a lot of things. In retrospect some of the best things in life happened to you when you were overcoming a fear. Traveling across Costa Rica, eating that live squid/octopus thing, and those dance performances all happened because the reward was worth overcoming the fear.  Looking back you see that for the last 18 months; you’ve been letting fear win.

This year you are going to just do, instead of waiting for the perfect circumstances.  To push yourself to go out more, to meet people, to use the resources you have. And, if necessary go at it alone.