Love makes the world go round doesn’t it?

IMG_3394You had the most amazing time pre-wedding, wedding, and post wedding. It was totally Pinterest worthy. Shades of pink and blue, pops of yellow and sliver. Who knew all that would work together. Jeana knows you had doubts. Food was good simple not over done. The Emcee and DJ really did their part to get everyone on the floor. You already made a note-to-self on the importance of the Emcee. The reception staff was very accommodating and didn’t make the bridal party feel like sheep being herded.

Okay, there was a bit of rain but that didn’t stop anything.

Turn down for what?

IMG_3454 IMG_3482

Actually, you haven’t seen some of they bridal for years! You blame Korea. It was like a reunion. Weddings and funerals have a way of bringing people together. Thank you Jeana for being the best bride ever! You barely noticed any bridezilla. As you sit writing this with your cup of tea, you hope Jeana and Jason have lots of happiness and never run out of love. Shout out to your partner John! He was a champion and hung in there with all your wild dance moves. Fellow bridesmaids, seriously you all are the best kinda missing our Google Hangout bridesmaids meetings (This team of bridesmaids was very official, there were minutes).  How about another Google Hangout , for old times sake? Can’t wait to see the official photos and video. Best wedding for the best people!


Venue was Normandy Farms in Blue Bell and Our Lady of Hope Church.