Cupcakes and Korean Tea Ceremony

IMG_3308 IMG_3309

You love cupcakes. You do. You know you do. That is how you knew this was the start to an amazing weekend. Mai picked you up for the airport. That is a real friend. The ones that pick you up from the airport even though you could technically take the metro or shuttle into the city. Straight away where did she go? Cupcake time at Brown Betty’s in Northern Liberties. You had some samples but settled on the Lemon Cupcake. Mai got Passion Fruit Cupcake and a cookie…(jealous, but bridesmaid’s dress is like a two days away)


Thursday you went to the Wedding Rehearsal of your dearest friend Jeana. The Korean tea ceremony was amazing.  You have seen pictures of the ceremony several times when you were in Korea but you never saw the ceremony so it was interesting. They both look great, I felt like I teleported to old-Korea for a moment. The bridal party was there you had some jokes and put your foot in your mouth a couple times. But all was pretty good.  IMG_3343