Ice Cream Happiness


Confessions. First, this post is just about how happy you were eating ice cream. You won’t learn anything.

Second, (un)fortunately, you are on an ice cream binge, Korea deprived you.

You went to Hammond twice in 4 days.  You started with the Koala Road (a version of rocky road). Andre your French AirBnB guest got a giant cup of chocolate goodness.  You serious thought about eating his ice cream. You are a great host, because you didn’t Also you introduced him to the best ice cream in a 5 block radius of your house.

On your second round to Hammond you decided to get something more mellow a scoop of ginger cream and a scoop of lemon cream. It was so perfect on such a hot day. Now, please tell me you love all things lemon.

All ice cream consumption in the past three weeks has been at  Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream in North Park. Sorry, if you want to eat ice cream now.