Art Happy Hour: Dream Catchers

IMG_3214You ever feel like you need to just get creative? When you were in elementary school they let you be pretty free. You could throw paint anywhere and your grandma would say, “It is beautiful.” They’d hang it up on the fridge and you’d feel pretty swell.

Since you my friend are a grown up now you love doing the happy hour art classes. It is a great way to kinda relax and IMG_3212express yourself creatively. Personally you don’t drink very much of anything but you still feel excited excited about the process.

Sure you might wish you had more time but it doesn’t matter it is your house and you got something better than a fridge. You have an entire apartment wall to fill up with your masterpieces.

If you are in San Diego and want to do some “Art” for yourself the check out Art Beat. They have classes all the time and give you a discount if you bring a friend.