Hello Kitty + Food Fails

I usually eat good, satisfying food but this weekend seemed to be a bit of a let down.  I am to blame since I didn’t do my due diligence looking around plus I allowed myself to get so hungry I’d eat a small pony.   Although it wasn’t terrible the Dalk Jjim I had in Hongdae was not satisfying 😦  Then on my trip to Hello Kitty Cafe although glorious in its atmosphere wasn’t serving waffles when we arrived!  You go for the waffles!  My pretty looking and scented tiramisu turned out to be some zombie+monster baby of pudding and custard…fail.  (Wait, I did have one very good meal in Gangnam a Spicy Curry cutlet and potato soup, I love those darn cutlets…)

On a brighter note, I did make some good shopping purchases in both Idae and Myeong-dong.  I finally bought some boots from Gmarket which should be arriving any day now. (Unfortunately the boots I lusted over sold out!!!) Also purchased a cute sweater, winter shorts and leggings with an attached skirt…it’s all the rage, I promise. ^.^   Besides, I was getting tired of the jeans to work scene.  I should have known this about myself, I love denim but I like dresses and skirts more.

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P.S. Found a copy of Wall-E can’t wait to watch it!

P.S.S. Did I mention I brought some clip in hair…At first I didn’t understand the allure of wearing someone else’s hair…