Hear No Evil

Usually after vacation all I want is more vacation.  However, I’m feeling quite good and it was pretty easy for me to get back into the swing of things at work.  One thing helpful over the vacation was getting back in tune with myself and doing some much-needed R&R (reflecting and refocusing).

I like my job, I like where I work and I like the people I work with.  I know everyone deals with life’s little challenges in different ways by venting, avoidance, eating ice cream or substance indulgence, the list can continue.  I, myself used to be a victim of the ice cream habit.  Anyway, a month or so ago I was watching a video about the moment/minute meditation.  I haven’t perfected meditating in a moment I’ve barely gotten the minute down…so I’ve found an interim companion…

I’ve become attached to my iPhone and listening to Korean stories or phrases.  On my way to work I listen passively, drowning out all other things.  In between my breaks at work when other people are venting or “releasing their negative energy” I listen to my headphones.  Surely I don’t want what they are releasing to enter my ears.

The real question is, would it be terribly rude to put those headphones in during a communal style lunch? When my boss and most of my co-works are there?  I have a 40 minute lunch which I finish in 20 to do other work.  I suppose its best to have the headphones off for a little while…

Alas, I love my headphones they are my saving grace because I don’t want to get burned out;  it helps me maintain the positive.   How do you maintain the positive?