Post Christmas: New Year

I had a really nice couple of days off from work.  I got some solid studying in at the coffee place around the corner 4-5 hours on a week day: Amazing.

Did a lot of eating: went to a 11,000 won all you can eat meat place in Hongdae but the wait for the line was really long.  Its near a.A. Cafe…I was stuffed.  I had the best burger Korea has to offer, it was very delicious but I yearned for more fries.  I also went to a traditional Korean restaurant in Bukchon Hanok Village with my friend Hangun.  He treated me to lunch because I helped edit his essay for a contest.  He got third place! I’d like to go back to see Bukchon on a warmer spring day, it was too cold to really enjoy the architecture. 😦

I caught up on some much-needed rest and continued to clean my apartment.  It’s still not a degrunged as I’d like it.  In the mix of all that, I caught up on some Hug If Forward stuff I was let falling to the wayside.  I’m actually looking for someone to help me manage the Social Media.  Contact me if you are interested, it’s a major time commitment though maybe 2-4 hours a day.

For New Years I visited my friend Jessica.  She lives in Changwon which is near Busan, the second largest city in South Korea.  Changwon is Korea’s first planned city.  It was nice to be there, the streets are wider, there is less traffic and more peaceful walks.  Not to mention it was warmer!  I almost doubted my choice to live in Seoul until I realized the city would be too small for me.  I danced away the New Year at Elune Nightclub that just opened it was very much the Gangnam House Music vibe.

Overall, I’m looking forward to another wonderful year of growth and opportunity.  2011 had its ups and downs but I think it panned out in my favor.

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