I had a lovely Holiday weekend. It began with an office party pizza and pasta on Wednesday.  Then a language meet up followed by dinner of octopus bibimbap…I’m not really sure what to call it on Thursday.

On Friday my kinder students had a Christmas Concert for their parents which came with the best Shimmy/Harlem Shake dance moves. I went to a holiday party Friday night.  It snowed! I was ill prepared.  Freezing in my heeled boots.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning, sleeping, and watching tv because I finally got my internet and cable set up in my new apartment. Cheers to me!  Now I can watch Korean shows.

Sunday which was actual Christmas I met up with my friend Jongseo and we had dinner (lasagna for me) and went to a Musical. It was my first one in Korea called Special Letter.  They spoke really, really fast and used a lot of colloquial/slang Korean so I had a difficult time understanding…over all I was able to follow the story-line, because the dance moves and physical humor were quite funny. We also went for tea before the show there was some super delicious rice cake, it was soft and chewy and well delicious.

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