Magic + Apartments + Dead Presidents

Hello Everyone!  I’m still alive and well.  I know the President of North Korea died, however today was business as usual.  No one seems to be in panic although I wasn’t on the metro since Sunday afternoon…I haven’t been touched by any severe panic.

I did go to a “MAGIC CONCERT” on Saturday night staring Hyun-woo Choi.  I was very pleased with the show although it was 98% in Korean.  It was nice to be very close to the front since I was able to an audience volunteer! Woot, woot go me! He made my ring disappear and reappear.  I even got a flower at the end of it.  Overall I like the show at times I was a little shocked.  He made one of the tall blonde assistants appear in a pink satin nightie, (there were a fair amount of kids in the audience, and he prepared tricks for kids.) O_o

Alas, other than that, I mostly spent the weekend moving/scrubbing down my “new” apartment, which was FILTHY when I arrived and went to Korean Class.  I was feeling pretty restless but I know holiday time is this week is going to be a bit crazy so I’m happy I rested.  Is it freezing cold over there?  I’m eyeing some over priced boots to keep me warm.

Side note: Congratulations to Hug It Forward and winning a new grant! I wish I was there to celebrate or attend a Voluntourism trip! 🙂 Anyone know much about writing children’s books?

Love and miss you all 😀


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