Creepy Love Movie Weekend

I started off this lovely week on Tuesday night having dinner with my friend Lydia. We had dinner in Itaewon…Mexican of all choices.  It was a little pricey for Mexican…but I enjoyed every bite.

My students are having a Christmas concert in a couple of weeks so I’ve been listening to my fair share of holiday songs.  Unfortunately I keep getting sore throats so my singing has been limited.  I did buy some jar tea today so I’m hoping that helps.  Also I purchased some Gigantic Earmuffs and “Grandma Sweater” to keep me warm.  Still looking for leather gloves…short fingers here in Korea.  I accidentally picked up some men’s gloves and was promptly scolded by the Ajjussi working at the counter.  I won’t make that mistake again! O_O

Oh, in other deliciousness I went for Pho and make-your-own rice paper rolls.  All the veggies I’ve been eating have been cooked so it was nice to eat some fresh raw veggies.

I went to my first Korean movie this weekend! Woot, woot! It was supposed to be a romantic comedy…but it was also slightly scary.  The movie is called 오싹간연애 or Creepy Love. It was a little mix of the 6th Sense seeing dead people and that creepy girl from the ring…If you know me, then you know I was screaming and gasping through the whole movie.  Overall I liked the movie…there were no subtitles unfortunately so I missed some of the finer humor but I was proud I followed the movie pretty well.

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PS. Isn’t Toby the cutest little puppy! My friend Esther’s puppy.  Also someone made me a account so I woke up flooded with emails…who would do that?  Blah!