Weekend Warrior

Beginning this past Thursday I am off work at 6pm instead of 8:10! Of course to celebrate this monumental moment of joy I decided to attend a Language Meetup in Kangnam.   With some encouragement of random strangers at my table I went in front of 80 or so people to introduce myself in Korean.  Despite shaking and stutters I received encouraging and warm applause from the crowd.

Friday, I met Jen, Esther, Lydia, Matthew and a few others to celebrate…well it was more like mourning Jen’s last night in Korea.  This consisted of Piggy back aka Samgyeopsal, soju, and an assortment of banchan.  I wish I would have remembered the name of this place because it was quite delicious.  It was around the corner from Sookmyeong Station Exit 8…For your enjoyment photos of the thick fatty meat.   Jen grew on me rather quickly she is humorous and nice…Jen, did you hear that? Come back soon!

Saturday, I went to Korean class, did a protein treatment for my hair, did another language meet up near Kangnam, went to Noraebang, a coffee shop, ate fried chicken and a seafood noodle melody… NO not in that order!  These language meet ups are quite interesting actually…met an array of the normal, weird, off beat, and o_O people.  Saturday night is a whole post in itself but I think I’ll leave those memories to my journal or “there was this one time in Korea” stories…ha.

And Sunday even though I didn’t actually get home until 6am and I didn’t lay in bed until 7:30am…I found some strength to attend a basketball game in the afternoon.  Rhin whom I met at the language meetup on Thursday and again on Saturday had free tickets to see the SK Tigers….they lost tear…but the cheerleaders costume changes and dance routines made it well worth the trip.  Besides it was free!  Note to self, you can bring your own snacks, beverages and other goods to games…who knew!

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