Thanksgivings + Birthdays

Friday morning I woke up nice and early so I could talk to my family over Skype since they were in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.  I mostly just made myself hungry since everyone in the room was chowing down…when is tele-porting food going to start?  After being serenaded by little Jaleeah, I went back to sleep for two hours before waking up again for work.

Friday I had an Open Class.  All the parents of my students came to watch me teach.  I was also evaluated by my new boss in the same class.  Eek, I was very anxious.  I didn’t do too bad.  It was a little bit of an unfortunate class since the children had read the story 30 times already by then.  I love my class of boys but they are usually really energetic so I never get through too much material in one day.  However, since their parents were there we got through twice the amount of work we usually do.  Of course I told my boys that their mom’s are invited to class everyday.

We had a lovely “Thanksgiving” spread for lunch… spaghetti, ham, kimbap, cold fried fish…

After work my new boss took the Korean and Foreign staff out for dinner.  A lovely feast of Korean BBQ and drinking.  It was a little weird and some staff got into some heavy conversation…personally school was the last think I wanted to talk about, followed by fantasy football.

Saturday, however was grand!  I got 3 hours of studying in before Korean Class, helped my friend edit his paper and went to a birthday party.  We decided to go to Susie Q’s in Hongdae for the party….  It’s a super throw back bar and the DJ is an old man who actually plays records.  BANANAS!  We almost didn’t go because everyone thought it was an American Ajjussi bar.  I mean it totally is an old man bar, but the drinks weren’t over priced. There was room to dance if you wanted to but a move to the oldies.  While also being quiet enough that you could talk to the person next to you without loosing your voice. I would go here again just for the popcorn.  I think we decided the popcorn was so good because of the MSG…

Thankful for: My amazing family, beautiful friends, new experiences, love and other drugs.

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