Okay! So I’ve been in Korea for 103 Days!  Woot woot.

I’ve done a bit over the last week, but I’ve been a little anxious about work that I haven’t mustered the energy to post.  So now you will get a fun post!  Last weekend I went to the Lantern Festival in Seoul, it was pretty neat to see all the lights.  Sadly my iPhone camera isn’t amazing so I didn’t get many good shots.  I also went to at TEDxItaewon Event…it was pretty cool I met an awesome girl there but she disappeared…so I’m hoping at the next event I can meet her again.  I wasn’t feeling well and I had Korean class, so I didn’t say for the whole event.  But, I felt really inspired.  The talk was about What Drives You…I think I’ll do a post on that soon actually.

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I also went on a small adventure yesterday looking for a new hair product, I’m trying Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Conditioner.  I like the Deva Curl products but I hate paying shipping!  I feel like it’s a waste, so I’m trying this out for now.

Today, I finally met with Avril!  She lives in the southern part of Korea, our plans finally worked out so we could meet today.  We had lunch with her friend Seun, he comes to Korean often for work.  We had Japanese Curry…I enjoyed it but, it wasn’t really like curry to me.  It was tofu and bok choy, nice and spicy!  We were in Hongdae, so of course I have a sweet video of a performance…this one was a tap dancing duo.  I also had Thanksgiving dinner today!  I went to a Fundraiser for the MACK Foundation which supports Multicultural Koreans…or mixed race Koreans I guess…

Sorry for not posting more often, but as you can see, I’ve been a busy girl! Let not even talk about work! Ha. ^ ^