Happy 11.11.11 Day…also known as Pepero Day here in Korea.  Pepero is a biscuit covered in chocolate sometimes other flavors or with almonds…actually they have the ones with chocolate on the inside and giant pocky, too.

I used to buy Pepero in America when I would visit the Asian mart…Pocky is what I use to call it.  If you want to know anything about a commercialized holiday, Japan has it down.  (Pepero is from Japan), or at least that is what I was told today.  People buy this stuff in BULK! It isn’t even an official holiday like New Years or Christmas…its just a day this company made.  The best part is the corner stores dedicate displays of this snack on the sidewalk…I swear I saw a Hello Kitty peps basket.  Some of my kids came with giant boxes of it!

Apparently this Pepero day is different from last year…because this year its the “Millennium Celebration”…as I was corrected by one of my students.  I handed out snacks to most of my classes…except for one class that drives me “nuts!”  (I’m a mean teacher…)  Check out my handful of Pepero (this was a gift from one student…I ate and received more ^ ^)

Also went to gym yesterday, man theses kids get sweaty!  I’m making a promise to myself to record my one student Jessie…she is priceless to watch during gym…insanity.

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마음 바꾸지 마세요: Don’t change your mind

As in: Don’t change your mind, you already touched that Pepero stick!