Namsan Tower

Yesterday I went to Sookmyung Women’s University for Korean Class.  It was a special day so I didn’t actually get a chance to study.  We played some common Korean games, but I’m a goon and forgot to take photos.  One game was like hacky-sack, the other was a puzzle and the last one was throwing arrows into a bucket.

Today though, I went to Namsan Tower with my friend Kyeong Hwa!  It was a lot of fun, we took a lot of pictures and walked through Namsan Park to see the leaves change colors.  We had coffee and an old traditional style Korean dinner.  We even did our language exchange.

I thought going to Namsan was going to a similar experience to the Eiffel Tower…in some ways they are similar because they are both places that many people identify with love.  Namsan has a tradition where couples write notes on locks then chain them to the rail.  Kyeong Hwa and I did one just for fun.  I was surprised how many locks their are…some clearly have been there for a long time and have gotten worn out from the weather.  Some are more new, some are elaborate notes, others are short…some even have photographs on them.  Clearly some couples came prepared.

Namsan is really its own experience and nothing like the Eifflel Tower…since its indoors, super techy, and there is not a single ounce of labor required to gain access to such a beautiful view.  It’s a shame actually, you should have to work hard to get this view…climb a mountain, walk up some steps…something.

None the less, I think it’s a great place to go on a date or if you have small children.  All the windows at the top of the tower tell you which country is in that direction which was pretty cool.  Namsan on a Sunday afternoon is quite crowded…so the only down part was waiting in line to wait in line… I suppose I should go back and ride the cable car…or hike up the massive mountain which takes about an hour to climb…maybe that could be my labor for the view??? Any-who,  without further ado, photos!

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PS. Did you spy the electric bus?!

버스를 탔어요: I took the bus.