Early Riser

My sister called me this morning, early…after talking to her I thought strongly about going back to sleep for an hour.  Instead, I began my day, did some yoga and took my time to have a cup of tea.  Even though, I somehow managed to leave the house LATE, I feel good about my day.  I fee like I was more productive and slightly happier.  I didn’t even have a cup a coffee today!  Which is amazing because today we had testing for my students which means I actually work a 10 hour day.

Speaking of 10 hour day, thank goodness I didn’t have to go searching for lunch!  I had lunch waiting for me.  It was pretty good today as well.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the green side dish on the right.  I usually like that kind, but this batch was a little soggy.

Anyway, I’m going to try waking up early again tomorrow…if you want to be my wake up call…call me on Skype 6pm EST.

Enjoy photo’s of my first graders and today’s lunch.

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