Baseball Sunday

Today I woke up at 6:30 am.  I was up most of the night with a cough that I can’t seem to kick.  But, I woke up anyway since I was going to see Kelly’s, my old bosses, intramural baseball team play.  On a whim Wednesday night, I promised to go check it out.  I had to take the metro at 7:30 then hop in the car to finish the trek.  I still don’t know where I was exactly…but I had cellphone reception so I wasn’t too worried.  Ha.

The game was fun, we lost though.  I knew this going into the game.  After working at ICGC with Sethy I can follow the game, so I was quite proud of myself when I knew what was going on.  I even kept track of what inning we were in!   Also baseball in English…out is out, strike is strike…You Can Do It is Hwating!  Okay, the last one is Konglish…for Fighting. (There is no F sound in Korean so it’s a h sound…)

After the game, we went to lunch…I didn’t take pictures  😦  It was seafood noodle  soup and large fried shrimp.  Yes, I used my new phrase “생선 머리 주지 마세요!”   Which got a laugh from the table, Samantha was kind enough to remove the heads and Kelly ate them…I just ate faceless seafood from the soup.   I did, however, take pictures of my dinner with Ahreum, we ate at Ann House and studied Korean.   I had a classic Korean Pork Cutlet filled with Sweet Potato…notice the two random tater tots!  Also mid way through the meal I noticed a hot dog shaped flower…how nice.  Good Sunday if you ask me, and no perverts!

기침: Cough