Gyeong Bok Gong Palace

I have a bad cough so I haven’t posted for a few days.  I guess its called a 100 Day Challenge because it’s a challenge…duh.

Anyway, nothing was going to stop me from visiting Gyeong Bok Gong Palace today.  It was a great day, nice and warm…I’m actually overdressed and I’m sweating in that coat.  But since I’m sick I didn’t want to leave home without it.  So, we saw the palace, went to the museum and saw the changing of the guards practice.

After the palace Jongseo and I went to dinner.  He always takes me for food I haven’t tried in Korea yet, today was fish!  I like seafood generally but I’ve learned my lesson about ordering seafood in Asian countries because they usually have the face on them.  Remember that pasta with the shrimp head on it!  (Mild Freak-out, thank goodness Gretchen was there to save me.)  The waiter looked at Jongseo kind of crazy, like why don’t you want the face…which led to him pointing at me saying I don’t like it… (hello, awkward nice to meet you.)

Anyway Enjoy Photos!

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