Rubbing Off

I think I rubbed my skin off.  Ever since I went to the 찜질방 (Jjimjilbang) I’ve been kinda of obsessed with the little scrubby.  I just never knew how filthy I was.  So, of course I brought a 10 pack of those scubbies.  I actually purchased a 20 pack but that seemed a little extra so I gave some away.

Anyway, for the last day in a half I’ve seen red patches all over my body!  I think I scrubbed too hard or too often.  I was using that thing almost everyday…like I was at the 찜질방…

For anyone that decides to use one of those scubbies, user beware don’t use it everyday like a manic.

I meet my new boss tomorrow!  Also I sent out some postcards last week, so if you gave me your address and haven’t gotten a postcard yet, check you mail! 🙂

찜질방: Jjimjilbang