The particulars of laundry

I’m very happy that I have a washer/dryer combo in my apartment.  I can only imagine what my life would be like if I had to go to a laundry mat.  With that said, this machine is so NOISY!  I wish I could play a recording of how loud this machine is.  I think my grandma heard it once and thought I was rearranging furniture.

Usually, I avoid this foolishness by starting my washer in the morning before going to work.   It’s energy-efficient but the shortest cycle I’ve translated is 3 hours!!!!  Furthermore, it’s imperative that I take my clothes out right away or else the steam will condense into water, which will be wet clothes not dry clothes…When I come home to make lunch the machine is about done.  So, it works out fine.

BUT!!!  I kept forgetting over the weekend to start it before I left the house.  Last night I used my last clean towel and I FORGOT to start it before work and on my lunch break.  SO I had to sit in my apartment today while listening to this nonsense.   I’ll never make that mistake again.

America, I love your energy-efficient quiet steam dryers…when I come back I will purchase you.

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