aA Cafe in Hongdae

Today I met up with my friend Esther.  We were supposed to study but it turned into chatting and a little bit of shopping…I mean am I really supposed to leave Hongdae without buying anything?

Anyway, we met at aA Cafe with is half art and architectural museum and the other part is a cafe.  The museum part was closed so I had to take some photos from looking through the glass; its furniture and art from all over the world.  There are 5 floors apparently.  I will for sure be back for a visit when the museum is open.

I decided on a Mocha Latte and Chocolate Brownie.  Rich chocolate desserts aren’t always easy to come by…some of the chocolate I’ve had has been a little bit on the bitter side and less on the ark or rich milk chocolate side.  So, I was very pleased to find out my brownie was rich.  Only problem had been the density of the brownie which I think is because it had been refrigerated.  The Mocha Latte was the best I’ve had so far in Korea.  The portion sizes are smaller than in American, however, if the museum is open next time then it’s fully worth $10.

고고씽: Let’s Go!

Happy Birthday to my little sister Michael 🙂  생일 축하합니다!


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  1. adpraisal says:

    That food looks amazing, am hungry looking at it! The snowflake on the brownie definitely an idea I am going to attempt at home…


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