I learned your Secret 아줌마.

So today is just a normal Thursday, except that my one night stand with Cayla is tomorrow!  I’m very excited that Cayla is coming even though its only for 10 hours since she has a layover in Korea before going to Singapore.

I went to Daiso (the best store of random wares for under $5,00) I needed those toilet cleaner things.  While I was looking for them I came across this wonderful lint brush.  This lint brush isn’t for your clothes…its for your FLOOR (and rugs).

I sweep my floor almost everyday with my “Swifer” but with my natural hair routine I still have hair everywhere.  I usually eat on the floor because I have gotten a table yet.  I also sit on the floor to study or put on makeup.  I was getting a little annoyed because I couldn’t figure out how people were keeping their apartments so clean.  Furthermore, these floors aren’t hardwood…its lamanate so I know I can’t soap-and-water it often.  My some of students didn’t even know what a vacuum was so those can’t be common…

But this little roller is awesome…its sticky and it has an extendable handle.  It reaches as high as my waist…and it was $3,00.  Best thing I’ve bought for my apartment so far.  I give a thumbs up to my 아줌마 at school, she keeps our school looking pristine and well-kept.  Now I can do the same at home.

Also if you want to see the progress of my natural hair, I’ve posted a picture.  The curls are forming, it’s still a little voluminous for my taste so, I’ll be getting another product to see if it works from the Deva Curl line.

아줌마: Middle Aged or Marriage-Aged Woman