Marital Status

So the big questions from my students: Teacher are you married?  Do you have a Korea husband teacher? How old do I look?! ha.

I’m not surprised they ask my age and if I’m married because it’s a common question in Korea.  I’m surprised that today it came up again and in more than one class.  In addition to the marriage question and guessing of my age the kids have been touching my ring which they do from time to time.  I wear it everyday.  However, today it was extra fascinating, why?…who knows.

The entertaining part is how they investigate my ring.  Usually I’m pointing to something in their workbook explaining details on the page.  I thinking yes, good.  Since the student is touching my hand on the page following my gesture…but as I walk away they grab my hand.  Then move the ring around my finger some in hopes of taking off, for a closer look.   Or if we have down time in class they hold my hand look at my ring, inspect my hair…all normal I suppose.

It’s a precious ring to me, but it’s not a weird or elaborately adorned.  It’s kind of plain, in all honestly.   All children investigate, maybe I haven’t been around them enough.

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