2 Months! + K-Pop

I’ve been in Korea for 2 months!!!! I don’t know if time is slow or fast…I think its right on pace. 🙂

I had some free time today since I got some free pizza and didn’t have a to cook dinner.  Instead of using that time to study, I caught up on of my favorite Expat Blogs.  If I haven’t forced you to watch this Canadian couple yet, today is your lucky day!

Martina, Simon and Spudgy have been living in Korea for a while, three years I think…they blog about life in Korea from a North American perspective.  It is both informative and entertaining.  On Monday’s they review a Korean Music Video.  This week was Super Junior’s, A-Cha.

WARNING: Every time a I watch one of their video reviews, I immediately you tube the actual video…This can snowball an innocent 5 minute video to a half hour of lost time.  You’ve been warned. ^^

Super Junior- A Cha Video Review by Eat Your Kimchi




  1. jeana says:

    haha the link is so hilarious!

    dude i just indulged in your blog entries. i’m finally done at 10:50pm! off to bed~ miss you niesha!


    1. miss you too Jeana! Did you get iPhone 4S?…I want us to Kakaotalk! 🙂 Awe are you and Minyi going to party it up for her birthday? Remember, we went out like a week after my wisdom teeth. Such a good time…


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