Hangul Day Art Exhibit

So today is Hangul Day!  I went to an Art Exhibit at Sookmyung Women’s University.  Hyunwoo Sun, one of the teacher’s from TTMIK (Learning Korean Website) decided to host an exhibit.  He asked people from all over the world who are studying Korean to send in a photograph of them writing in Hangul.  Their seemed to be around 100 enteries, from all over the world.  Russia, England, United States, Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam…

It was pretty cool to see how many people from so many different places are studying Korean.  Some people wrote 안녕하세요! (hello!) while others were more elaborate, full-out messages.  Also, all the entries included something special about themselves or their country.  Someone even wrote on a banana!  My friend Hangun went with me, he was pretty surprised to learn how many different people are studying Korean too!  Although, some photographs had grammar mistakes he was pleased he could read them.  Pretty awesome exhibit, I’m glad I had a chance to stop by.

I even got interviewed for some student documentary…(my second interview in Korea!)

My favorite one is Live Love Laugh : 살다  사랑  웃음


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