Today I’ve been reviewing my goals.  I have many!  I have been a goal setting type of person for a long time…an I’ve gotten into a habit of saying over and over to myself the things I want to do.  I rewrite my goals on scraps of paper.  I write to-do lists, and yes to-do lists for my to-do list.  You should have seen how many times I wrote my packing list.  Although I still managed to forget my camera….I brought the charger and all the other attachments.  I think it was a freak accident.

Even though I set goals often sometimes I forget to make my goals measurable.  I find myself working hard and feeling burned out because I can’t tell if I’m successful or not.  For example, a month and three weeks have past and I’m not really sure how much my Korean is improving.  I know I understand more than I did 2 months ago.  But, how much more?  Then, I realized, I feel overwhelmed when I study because I haven’t decided what my short-term goals are for the week.  Am I going to learn all the colors this week or memorize 10 verbs.  I just look at my notes and think, “dang it, why am I not fluent yet!”

I know this is common sense but, if you are making a goal for yourself and its pretty lofty, like learning a second language, make small goals for yourself to help you measure your progress.  I’m redirecting my efforts today, by looking over all my goals to see if they are measurable.

색상 : Colors!