Everybody Poos

My students are supposed to read at least one book outside of class every week.  After they read, they write a short summary of what they read and their thoughts on the book.  I have this great class of first graders!  First, I’ like to say I’m very impressed by all of my students, since many of them don’t have a fluent English-speaking family member at their disposal.  Some of them do, but many times its someone who grew up learning English in Korea.  (At least this is my understanding)

So, the students are understanding and learning about English mostly on their own, with a parent cheering them on in the background.  A lot of times I forget this important detail.   I digress, one of my students decided to read the book “Everybody Poops” which I haven’t read but Elisabeth said it’s a wonderful book.

The summary of this book by my first grader was awkwardly awesome with great grammatical errors, .  I will up load a picture tomorrow with my Grammar corrections.

The best part, is while I’m reading the journal entry one of the Korean Co-Teachers is sitting next to me.  I’m almost on the floor with giggles.  She says to me in Konglish, “What so funny.”  Since one of the students is in the room, doing who knows what,  I try to explain discretely what “poop” is.  There was some Google translate via iPhone.  She understood and read the summary…so the two of us are cracking up.  My Co-Teacher because she was shocked and didn’t know what else to do, and me, well because it was funny.  Meanwhile, the  student is in the corner is trying with every aim to piece together our Korean-English conversation.  I’m sure he understood every bit. 

재미 : Funny


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