When I first came to Korea I thought it was a very health conscious country. They don’t have a lot of over weight people, meat is very expensive and over the counter medicine is as effective as sugar. Or so I was warned, my mom looked at me like I had a problem since I packed so much medicine. I tried to explain but all she saw was oversized bottles of Advil.

Anyway, for whatever reason I thought Korea was exceptionally healthy. O was amazed when I saw people with the face masked but not really surprised. Many people wear hospital masks over their faces. I assumed they wanted to keep their germs away from others and let people know they were ill.

Since it’s been getting cold some of the students have had sneezes. They don’t cover their faces. I heard a horror story about one of the teachers getting sneezed on right in the mouth! O_o

I thought well what is wrong with this? Korean people don’t get many sick days from work, the kids are sneezing everywhere, what is the deal. I thought back to the masks, hmm maybe it’s about a spiritual cleansing, maybe that’s why they wear the masks.

I finally found out what the mask are for! It’s to cover their face after plastic surgery! I would have never guessed. No every time I see a mask I wonder what’s going on under there. What Nip and tuck did they get…