When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us. -Helen Keller

Today was supposed to be an excited day at the Korea Spirit Festival! I was excited because there was supposed to be traditional performances. When we got there, after an hour train ride…turns out it’s on Monday! Ha. So I ended up getting back on the Metro for another hour to check out a huge bookstore. It was freezing…I need a coat. The bookstore was cool, large and crowded, its Korea so I’m not surprised. Then we went for dinner. But, for the first time, I was truly disappointed…it wasn’t tasty at all. So sad. After a sad dinner I went to Starbucks to cheer up. Then I missed my stop on the metro as I was going home…I was way to intense on a game of Gomoku.

I finally had sometime to work on my To Do List for Hug It Forward. I’ve been so neglectful to them theses days. But we currently have our first Voluntorism Trip underway! Twelve people are currently in Guatemala seeing bottle schools being built. I’m looking forward to posting update on that soon!

I could have let my day be spoiled by showing up on the wrong day for the festival or the poor dinner, or my freezing cold body. Instead I looked for ways to make it a better day, I bought a scarf, I went to a bookstore, I had Starbucks. I think that is how you can get to a happy place.


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  1. jeana says:

    niesha i’m glad you’re doing so well over there~ go niesha!


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