Seoul Zoo!

Went to the Seoul Zoo with my friend Jongseo today.  It was a bit chilly but it was still a nice day.  There were so many children and families!  We were on the hunt to find the lions 사자!  By the time we found them, they were sleeping! I was able to practice Korean animal names and talk about which ones I like and which ones I don’t like.  So it was both a fun and productive day.  I even bought our tram tickets! Two adult tickets please!

Actually, before going to the zoo I met Jongseo at his school, Hanyang University.  It was go big!  On top of it being big, there were a ton of hills.  I don’t know how theses Korean girls trek to class in their high heels up theses hills.  It’s a workout!  Also, there happened to be a student festival today.  I played a trivia game regarding blood donation facts in Korea.  I won a key chain and bar of chocolate! Score!!!!  I felt like a fool when they asked me if I knew my blood type…I don’t know it.  Everyone in Korea apparently knows their blood type…does everyone in America know their blood type and I missed the memo?

Anyway, after festival and zoo we went to dinner! A great day!

나는 동물원을 좋아: I like the zoo!