New Boss…eeek!

The school I work for is a franchise.  All this week we have, what I’ve called “randoms”, coming in and our of our school all week.  They are asking the teachers for passport photos and other documents.  However, no one knew why…at first we thought it was about the workshop, we did something taboo…But then, they were interviewing the Korean teachers, which was strange.  Only information anyone was given, is that our jobs are safe… o_O

What the hop-skip-and-a-jump is going on here!?

Our boss sold his location to Corporate office.  That’s what happened.  So I’m not working for an independent school anymore…we starting in mid-October.  I’m not sure if this is good news or not.  But, I’m hoping its good news because then we will have more resources and I think training wise I’ll have more resources too.  Apparently, Corporate office has been wanting to buy my previous bosses location for 5 years or so.

Just another reason why I need to learn Korean, so I know what is going on when they are talking right in front of me, but not too me.

넌 내게 반했어! – You have a crush on me