Teacher’s Conference

So, since I have time I want to touch on some thoughts from conference I went to over the weekend for work.

This post is not a complete thought, more of slew of ideas…I’m still processing information. 

Background information:  Korea has public and private schools just like America.  Most Koreans go to public schools.  After school students attend Academies or Hagwon to supplement their education in  math or English.  From elementary to middle schools Korea students are placed in a school closest to their location.  Just like in America.  However, high school is very competitive.  After middle school all Korean students take a placement test.  The best students get into the best high schools which help them prepare for university.  The lower scoring students are usually placed in trade or technical programs.

I teach at a Hagwon, we are different then some other Hagwon’s because we specialize in taking students that already lived abroad at least a year in an English Speaking Country.  We have also teach Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and a middle school program.  I’m not sure what other schools teach, but we have a North American curriculum.

Anyway, the most informative workshop I went to was “Education Trends In Korea” which talked mostly about how Poly is positioning itself versus the competition.  (Many Hagwon’s are franchises, ironically enough we had a corporate visit today)  I don’t know the unemployment rate in America for college grads but I’m sure its similar to Korea although I hope not worst!  From the presentation I was informed that 60% of University graduates are unemployed!  Eeek.

Furthermore, English is a requirement of the biggest employers in Korea like Samsung and SK Telecom.  They have 20 minute English interviews…they have good Science and Math students I’m not sure why English is so important.

I still have more information to process…but the conference was informative and I’m sure I will draw on it more as I sort through the Korean Education System…

my thoughts for now