Oh Happy Day

This morning I was pretty excited because I finally rolled out of bed before 8:30, which means I can start my day with yoga!  Unfortunately, a rude person wanted to spoil it with mean comments.  I was very close to letting that sour apple ruin my day.  Then, I remembered, I’m in Korea, I have lots of good friends and a wonderful family.  With a few clicks on Facebook I’ve rid myself of the negativity.

Because like Leo Tolstoy said, “If you want to be happy, be.”

I have a big teacher conference tomorrow!  It’s a teachers retreat for the day.  I’m going to a couple of workshops to learn how to be a more effective teacher, and learn the goals for the curriculum I’m currently teaching.  I’m also doing a short Korean study group at 8am so I must be asleep early!  I’m sure I will have tons to write about tomorrow!  Have a great day everyone, and be happy!

PS. I did get my yoga in today!



  1. This is a great blog! How long have you been blogging?


    1. I haven’t been blogging that long, its a work in progress. It doesn’t have a committed direction yet. Do you blog, too?


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