I love Michael, he’s one of my kinder students.  He is a little bit of a random child.  Sometimes when we are in the middle of a lesson, he will lean over and whisper to me that he likes Superman.  He never has a pencil and it takes him forever to copy notes off the board.  (Okay, only in comparison to other people in his class, he’s not really that slow)

Anyway, since its his birthday I guess his mom decided to give him a perm.  A lot of the students get perms.  I don’t know what it’s all about.  But, in one of my other classes I have a set of twin boys.  Apparently before one of them got permed it was hard to tell them apart.  When I first met them, I didn’t think they looked that much alike at all.  Since Jason’s hair was 3 times larger than Peter’s.   One of the pre-kinder girls wears hair spray! o_O


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  1. jeana says:

    awww he’s a cute kid!


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