A Birthday.

So yesterday afternoon, Simone, one of the English teachers at my school, informed me that she as invited everyone to come to dinner for her birthday.  Being me, I agreed even though I’ve been dead tired after work theses days.  Why do I do this to myself?  Will I ever learn?

Anyway, after lunch TODAY we had cake and sang “Happy Birthday!”  The cake was very pretty and tasted pretty good too, I was surprised because I’m pretty picky about my desserts.  Especially, cake, ice cream and cookies!

For dinner we went to Hongdae.  We were supposed to go to some Mexican restaurant (I really don’t like Mexican, why did I agree to go to this dinner again?)  Anyway, we couldn’t find it, (thank goodness) so we ended up going to a different place.   Zen Hideaway, which has a variety of dishes mostly Thai based.  I had Pad See U which was good but I’ve had better Thai food in the states.  It wasn’t overly expensive about 12,000 won.  But, I can 3 Korean meals for 12,000 won! Further more, it wasn’t a filling portion, or I maybe I was super hungry…I’m not sure.  Actually,  prices and portion size have rarely been to my satisfaction. 

However, the atmosphere was really cool and chic…I must say the couple of theme restaurants I’ve been to really do a wonderful job.  I feel like I’m in a different world when I’m there which is the best part.  ( Also when I say theme, I just mean restaurants serving food that is not specifically Korean)


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  1. Celinda says:

    OMG we hung out in Hongdae almost every weekend for a while there!! Memories. =)


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