Consumption Awareness

So I’ve been in Korea over a month now.  After only one month, I’ve become more aware of my consumption of goods and services especially hot water, electricity, and gas.  In my apartment there are about 5 outlets.  I have a surge protector in one of them.  Since I don’t have a lot of outlets I’m plugging and unplugging things constantly.  In the long run its good since appliances aren’t using power while not being operated.

However, it is the hot water that has really took me for a loop.  Every time I want to take a hot shower, wash my hands in hot water, or do the dishes I have to turn on the hot water.  How ever the water system is set up, you have a lot more control over your heating bill.  The little meter; which I try not to touch, has a variety of settings (for those that can read it).  In the winter your apartment is heated using a hot water floor heater.  I think I mentioned this ins a previous post.  So you have to push other buttons to turn that one.

Lastly, is the stove.  You have to turn on the gas first, then turn on the burner.  When I first got here I was really confused as to why nothing was turning on.  For safely reasons it makes sense to turn the gas on and off.  Since Korea as so many people concentrated in one place regulating consumption and minimizing fire related accidents seems like a good idea.

Anyway, I have sign on my door reminding me to turn things off before I leave.  I never had to do it in America so this takes some getting used to.  When I turn off the stove at home I walk away…but here you can’t forget the gas!  I’m sure this awareness will serve me well when I come back home.